Linbezgroup is a business conglomerate/global consulting agency founded and started in Nigeria and today, at least to a significant level operates globally bearing in mind it’s still a work in progress. It’s made up of entrepreneurs, investors, philanthropist, Freelancers, Merchants, Realtors, Consultants, contractors, financiers, lawyers, Engineers, Medical Practitioners, Environmentalists, Bankers, Resource Persons (ranging from motivational speakers, trainers, business coaches, human resource managers, experts in skill acquisition programmes, etc) big companies and small companies alike and business associates of diverse categories who are committed to meeting needs of individuals, businesses, organisations and government via public private partnership (PPP), providing financial services, acting as distributors/manufacturers representative, developing businesses, facilitating international and local business transactions, offering real estate properties consultation and investment services, making policy recommendations to the government, businesses, organisations and individuals, promoting small to medium sized scale enterprises (sme’s), and finally providing community service development.

Our Vision Statement:

To be a world class business conglomerate that is effective in meeting the needs of individuals, businesses and organisations.

Our Mission Statement:

Building an institutional framework that facilitates business transactions globally and is effective in deploying resources to meet the needs of our clients.

Our belief system/philosophy:

1)We believe in bridging financial inequality in the global business circle.
2)We believe in building a viable and dependable economy where business are done with ease.
3)We believe in engaging high quality technology, human capital and other dependable resources in meeting the day-to-day needs of our clients.
4)We believe not in dreaming dreams or making mere wishes, but working hard to achieve our vision-mission statement.
5) We believe in turning material resources, failed or ailing businesses from trash to treasure.
6) We believe in changing our world via promoting Collaboration And partnership in business globally.
7) We believe in connecting people to genuine business men, businesses and investments around the globe.

Our core values:

👉Integrity of purpose

Our Services:

1)We are general contractors, distributors and manufacturers representative.

2) We offer financial services.

3) We finance business development.

4) We facilitate international and local business transactions.

5) We offer real estate properties consultation and investment services.

6) We make policy recommendations to the Government, businesses organisations and individuals.

7) We provide community service development.

On behalf of the members and staff of this noble organization, you are specially welcome to this GLOBAL CONSULTING AGENCY and Dependable Business Hub. Thank you.